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The Stommel Symposium
September 27, 2021
Redfield Auditorium, Woods Hole, MA
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Peter de Menocal, President and Director, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
8:45amOutline of program and a memory
Joe Pedlosky, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
9:00am“Henry Stommel: Inspired Contradictions”
Carl Wunsch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
9:30am "Experiences of a Graduate Student Guided by Henry Stommel"
David Halpern, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10:00am“Henry Stommel - a student’s-eye view of an extraordinary adviser, mentor and example”
Robert Knox, Emeritus Research Oceanographer, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
11:00am "My Hank memories back in the Seventies"
Michele Fieux, Sorbonne Université, Paris
11:30am “How Hank got me started in Oceanography”
Thomas Rossby, University of Rhode Island
12:00 noonLunch
1:00pm"My Neighbor Hank"
Doug Webb, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1:30pm "A dream come true"
Valery Detemmerman, World Climate Research Programme
2:30pm"Learning from Henry Stommel's Approach to Tackling Scientific Problems"
Leif Thomas, Stanford University
3:00pmCoffee/Tea Break
3:30pm“Fond Memories of our Beloved Husband and Father, Henry Stommel”
Elijah Stommel, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
4:00pm"Interacting with Henry Stommel"
Harry Bryden, University of Southampton, Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton
4:30pm"Henry Stommel and the global ocean circulation"
Lynne Talley, University of California, San Diego
6:00pmDinner Reception (Redfield Lab, outside under a heated tent)